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Our Mission

Our Business started its life as a little group with concepts. Developed in 2009 with a goal to provide vibrant, varied and bold theater, Our Business has produced an outstanding portfolio of work mainly focused on engaging young person audiences. In its 7-year history, Our Business has established quickly and has securely developed itself as a leading manufacturer of mid and massive touring theater. Having produced more than 50 productions, the business has ended up being an essential part of the local theater landscape. Through brand-new partnerships, lasting collaborations and effective grant applications.

Our Business has rapidly made an effect on the market and its audiences alike. The audience experience has constantly been at the heart of the business's work and creative preparation. Our Business prides itself on a severe awareness of the difficulties and challenges that avoid youths from taking part in the theater. From the extremely start, the business's goal has been to make its work available to all, and motivate the next generation of theatre-goers.


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